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Quick and dirty onion ring post

Posted by acidqueen5426 on 2 December, 2007

The tools:

4 small onions (we’re talking an inch and a half across–small storage onions).

1 cup self-rising cornmeal mix (since the cornbread it was giving me wasn’t the best IMO, I figured I might as well find a use for the stuff)

Beer (some gods-awful Anheuser-Busch seasonal crap that a friend of mine gave to me–it was all I had to hand)

1/4 cup canola oil

Hot pan

I peeled and sliced the onions to a moderate width I got about three or four slices per onion, and set them aside. The onions were little storage onions, so I figured that they were going to be a little on the hot side. Do I add sugar to the batter I’m about to make, or no?

I decided against the sugar.

I whisked the cornmeal mix and the beer into some rough semblance of a batter. The batter was a tad lumpy, which I decided I’d live with–if nothing else it would be an interesting experiment in tempura right? I set the bowl aside and punched the slices out into little onion ring looking things while I heated the oil in the pan over a medium-high coil, and then dumped them in the batter.

I try to stay organized and clean when I’m in the kitchen–but I’m not “fussy” and insistent on everything looking restaurant-quality, because I usually only cook for myself. Aegir only knows my husband won’t eat what I cook, because it might be something of a moderately healthy nature.

So. Into the batter went the onion rings, and thence to the pan. I didn’t use a ton of oil because the onions (and resulting rings) were so small. This worked in my favor. I fried them quickly–about a minute and a half, tops–and then pulled them out with a fork and laid them out on a treble-folded paper towel to drain while I turned the heat off and put a lid on the pan. I cracked a Leinie’s Sunset Wheat while waiting for a minute or two–mmmm, Leinie’s–and then plated up the rings (and the clump that formed from the little inner bits).

The flavour was interesting. I’d seasoned the batter with a touch of salt and pepper, and let the beer (a seasonal brew–Pumpkin Spice flavored somethingorother) provide the rest of the seasoning.

I love onions, and I love cornmeal, and I love pumpkin and spices, but I don’t know if I’d do that again.

For a dipping sauce I combined 1/4 tsp yellow mustard with 1/2 tsp mayonnaise (for the record, I use Duke’s–I prefer the texture)–and that made for a unique adventure.

Don’t know if it’s something I’ll try again…at least, not with that particular beer.


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