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Wither Food Network?

Posted by acidqueen5426 on 26 November, 2007

Ah, the Food Network. I used to watch this channel religiously, for things like Cooking Live (even though I hadn’t the werewithal or equipment to cook along with Sara Moulton), The Essence of Emeril, Molto Mario, and my favorite: Passion for Dessert with Jacques Torres (who shall be referred to henceforth in this blog as Cute French Pastry Chef).

It was the House that Emeril Built, where a foodie could watch and learn from the masters*.

So, what has it become? Instead of “Learning to Cook”, it’s become more like “Watch People Cook Entertainingly”–or, as the network’s tagline says, “Way more than cooking”. It’s food-as-entertainment now, with precious little education going on.

I only watch it now for Dinner: Impossible (because I find Robert Irvine very entertaining), Nigella Lawson, Good Eats (the last educational bastion of the Food Network), and anything else Alton Brown hosts that isn’t “The Next Food Network Star”.


I’m not terribly enthused with about 98% of the stuff on the network–I mean, I dig me some humour and all, but in the main? The Food Network has really gone downhill in the pursuit of the LCD. We don’t see a lot of learning going on anymore. It’s all about food porn and eye-candy, and that disappoints me. I want to learn something and occasionally be entertained. I don’t want to have to put up with umpty-ump hours of Sandra Lee’s tablescapes and Rachael Ray’s annoying “YUMM-O” nonsense just to get to the nifty bits.

Of course, I say this as I’m re-watching Iron Chef America’s dessert tag-team throwdown and laughing my ass off at Paula Deen and Robert Irvine talking some serious smack to each other. So take this post as you will.

*:Inasmuch as a mass-appeal guy like Emeril can be considered a master. Dudeman is good, but not a “master”.


One Response to “Wither Food Network?”

  1. Jordi said

    I LOVE DINNER IMPOSSIBLE. He is godly awesome. Our food channel is actually pretty decent though they keep showing reruns. We get some UK chefs (queue the Jamie Oliver) and plenty of Market Kitchen until you want to gouge your eyes out. But I love the food network either way.

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