Meals (Not Quite) Ready To Eat

No mixer? No cake pans? NO PROBLEM!

The Persistence of Wish

Posted by acidqueen5426 on 21 November, 2007

Most children fight over the money and the house when their parents die.

My sister and I, however, are fighting over our mother’s KitchenAid stand mixer. The sad part of this is that Mom isn’t even dead yet. I have fond memories of that mixer–it was where I first made a bomb-ass Lady Baltimore Cake with a lovely orange-flavoured seven-minute frosting (which is possibly the best thing I have ever made). It was where I mixed batters and doughs and meringues and even made butter (it was an accident, but it was still some of the best butter I’ve ever had). My sister also has fond memories of the mixer, for it was her weapon of choice when perfecting her cooking skills–skills that far outstrip mine, I might add.

I want the damn thing. I want it almost as much as I want the Hurricanes to win another Stanley Cup. I want it more than I want a Bugatti Veyron. My sister can have everything else in Mom’s house–the antiques, the tchotchkes that we both keep badgering Mom to finally sell on eBay, the collected works of Rogers and Hammerstein on pristine vinyl, everything. I just want the mixer.

Of course, my sister feels the same way.


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